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Bring on the Son

The truth of Christ brings life, even in the face of uncertainty. He is the Son of the Most High, and God incarnate. The incarnation is news of a fulfilled promise. His life was prophesied in Isaiah, and came to fruition years later. Sometimes in Christ danger lurks, but darkness can never win. His birth is testimony of impending danger as Herod decreed that all young males should be killed. However, Christ death was destined and the earthly king's decree could not conquer destiny, because he has conquered death we have destiny and purpose. God calls for men to come to Christ in such a way that no one can deny that it is him. But when it’s raining your sight is blurred and the vision that you once thought led you towards right and wrong is hindered through the drops of rain we call tragedy and lost. But if there is anything that I’ve learned in life is that rain must fall and but after the rain has passed the sun will always come out. Darkness, no matter how thick it seems cannot coexist when the light comes. God’s light always exposes the darkness of tragedy that he has allowed for the furtherance of his fame and his glory. It’s not about us, we are merely the instruments used to adorn the glory of God in this world. This world is very dark, but it is an illusion. In this dark, cruel, dismal, decaying world there are deposits of light reflecting the Savior, and they break forth in displaying the glory of the Creator and soon all God’s elect will be gathered and light will prevail forever over darkness. I yearn for that day. Come Lord Jesus Come, Bring on the Son.